Lee Bo Young

Lee Bo-young (born January 12, 1979) is a South Korean actress, best known for starring in the television dramas, Whisper (2017), Mother (2018), and When My Love Blooms (2020).

Skim read the article below and match the headings to the paragraphs. Note there are two extra headings.

  1. Connecting with other actresses

  2. First love revisited

  3. Using cellphones

  4. Differences in dating

  5. Acting into old age

  6. Younger cast members

  7. School days

  8. Re-evaluating female characters

A . _________

Lee Bo Young is soon to appear in the Korean drama, “When My Love Blooms.” Lee Bo Young says the movie is about ‘the happiest and most beautiful moment in life. It tells the story of a couple madly in love in their twenties who had to break up due to unforeseen circumstances but meet again later in their lives. After meeting with their first love again, they get to reflect on their memories of their youth.”

B . _________

Lee Bo Young, who plays Ji Soo, stars opposite of Yoo Ji Tae, who plays Jae Hyun, and their younger counterparts will be played by Jeon So Nee and GOT7‘s Jinyoung, respectively. She commented, “They are both so healthy and fresh that I’ve thought it would’ve been fun to have seniors like them in school. I asked the younger staff members whether they had seniors like Jae Hyun at school right now but they said people like him were all taken to JYP Entertainment company.”

C . ________

She continued to explain the drama, saying, “There will be lots of fun elements involving items that were new in the nineties. One of the differences between now and the 1990s is dating". Lee Bo Young stated that "people didn’t vaguely date like they do now and rather went headfirst if they liked someone. Now you can send one text and meet up, but back then you had to work at it for awhile to meet up just once. By calling and paging, a little more direct exchange was required compared to how people lose contact these days after texting back and forth for a bit. Since there weren’t cellphones, you could only call through the house phone. But, if you were calling their house phone, that meant you already had a pretty established relationship.”

D . __________

When asked how her nineties were, Lee Bo Young replied, “Since there weren’t multiplexes, I watched many Disney movies at the Jongro or Seoul theatre. These days, I’ve begun to rewatch many Disney films because of my daughter, but I feel our generation has changed quite a bit. After rewatching, I realized the princesses are very passive. All they need to do is meet their prince. In Mulan, they even sing lyrics like, ‘You have to marry well, you have to get the attention of men.’ Snow White just sings while her animals clean for her, and while she’s sleeping, a prince comes and kisses her. When she wakes up, the two take off on a horse. In a silent forest, a princess just sleeps and sings but wakes up with a kiss. That’s why I’ve been careful about showing these to my daughter.”

E . _________

Lee Bo Young also discussed the bond she felt with the return of many of her fellow veteran actresses, like Kim Tae Hee and Kim Hee Sun. She explained, “While watching Kim Nam Joo in ‘Misty,’ I had this thought. I want to keep working long enough so that when my daughter is older, she can say, ‘My mom does that kind of work.'”

F . ___________

She added, “Regardless of gender, the genres that an actor can portray decrease with age. However, since there are many good examples to follow, even if I age, I’ve gained confidence that I can do it too. In the past, it was honestly thought to be too difficult. Since there are many role models doing it well now, I expect that I can act for a long time too.”

Full article at https://www.soompi.com/article/1390218wpp/lee-bo-young-on-wanting-to-be-an-actress-her-daughter-will-be-proud-of-and-more

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