Make mistakes!

One of the frustrating things when teaching is trying to encourage students to make mistakes. So many students think that a good student is one who doesn't make mistakes, but that is completely wrong. A good student keeps making mistakes and keeps learning from them, and then makes different mistakes, and learns from them. This is improvement.

So, this is a reminder. To use the readings and listening exercises effectively, you must pay attention to your MISTAKES; to the answers you get wrong.

Usually, I will give you feedback on an incorrect answer (e.g. see below).

When you get an answer wrong, check the Feedback.

Try and understand WHY you got the answer wrong. It may be:

  1. You used too many words

  2. You did not know the vocabulary

  3. You chose the wrong words

  4. You did not read the question carefully

  5. You did not hear the word clearly

  6. You didn't know the synonym

If you can understand why you made the mistake, then you can focus on being more careful next time. If the mistake is due to vocabulary you did not know (e.g. the example above: encourage = urge, improve = boost), then write the new vocabulary in your notebook and practise it!

So, mistakes are very useful!

Now listen to the video, read the song lyrics, and match the phrasal verbs on the right with their formal meaning.

When you're ready, enter your answers into the test sheet below.


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