It's that time of the year, when Grade 11 students are starting to feel the pressure. Not long now and it will be time to sit the matriculation exam.

One of my students who tutors some Grade 11 students sent me last year's matriculation exam (English) so I could see for myself what these students are expected to achieve.

Wow!! This is a whopper (informal = huge) of an exam. I have difficulty imagining how any Grade 11 student could complete the exam in three hours. Furthermore, it's not simple or easy. Although some parts are easier than others.

Then last week in Sagaing, I met some young people who are in Grade 11 and who were preparing for the exam next year and this 'got me to thinking' (= informal: caused me to start thinking) about what I could do to help.

So, starting on 28th December I'll be writing a series of 10 posts aimed at Grade 11 students and giving advice on how to more effectively and efficiently sit the English matriculation exam and how to improve their English exam score.



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