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May you find happiness there

I made this lyric video almost a year ago, just as an act of joyful creation. Something to do, when I was off work due to covid-19. I remember searching the web for days to get the different photos and then painstakingly combining the lyrics with the pictures and the music. This was, most definitely, a labour of love (= a task done for joy, not reward)

I watched the video again for the first time this morning and realised, why I made it. I made it for now. Unity Day 2021.

This video I made with love, is for all my students, all my friends, all the people of Myanmar.

For my darling Myanmar, with your eyes like wildflowers and your demons of change.

Keep your head up

Keep your heart strong

Keep your mind set

Keep your hair long

And my darling Myanmar, where ever you are going...

May you find happiness there

May all your hopes all turn out right

Take care - much love - Simon


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