Medical vocabulary

The field of medicine and healthcare has its own vocabulary and doctors and health workers often use many words and phrases that even native English speakers do not understand. There are however a lot of medical words that you need to be familiar with as you improve your English skills. Below are 18 intermediate level words associated with healthcare, medicine and medical treatment.

Look at the words in the box below and find:

  • · Six people who work in medicine

  • · Six treatments or types of drug

  • · Six medical conditions

Use a dictionary and research any words and phrases you do now know the meaning of.

Complete the sentences using one word from the box.

  1. A doctor writes a prescription but you need to take it to a _________ to get the medicine.

  2. In many countries, pregnant women do not go to hospital to have a baby but they are cared for by a ________ who visits them at home.

  3. When we are suffering from toothache, headache or backache we can take a ________ to relieve the pain.

  4. After my operation, I had _______ twice a week for three months until I was able to walk again.

  5. When my uncle had an operation, the ________ was very kind and explained the whole procedure to us.

  6. People who suffer from ________ need to take insulin or regulate their diet.

  7. Some drugs can only be given to patients by an ________.

  8. Often caused by a bad diet, _________ is the biggest killer in the western world.

  9. People who have a _________ can find it very difficult to breath and often cough a lot.

  10. When people have severe pain and are in hospital they are often given ______ to reduce their suffering.

Enter your answers in the sheet below.


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