Mon Education

Something a bit different. A video in Myanmar and Mon languages with English subtitles. so this is a reading exercise rather than a listening activity. Furthermore, it will help you to develop your scanning skills because you will need to read quickly before the subtitles disappear.

Of all the many ethnic groups in Myanmar, other than the mainstream Bamar, it seems that the Mon have developed the most effective and comprehensive education system.

Read the seven questions below. I have identified the key words in bold.

  1. During the civil war, Mon children who could not access education were enrolled in the _________

  2. Mon education schools teach Mon history and geography and teach other subjects in the _________

  3. In 1990, the Mon National Education Committee (MNEC) was set up to oversee mother tongue based _________

  4. Since 1995, the MNEC has provided Mon communities with more than _______

  5. Since the ending of major NGO funding, Mon Communities have been paying towards _________.

  6. Some teachers cannot survive on the low monthly salary and have migrated to ________.

  7. Many Mon school buildings are in bad condition and _______

Now watch, listen and read the video subtitles to answer the questions with NO MORE than THREE WORDS from the subtitles.

When you are ready enter your details and answers in the test sheet below


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