Myanmar; a top tourist destination

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization,

the fastest-growing travel destination in 2019 was Myanmar. While Myanmar has experienced quite a bit of controversy over the military operations in Rahkine and the treatment of the 'Rohingya', it has nevertheless been the destination of choice for an increasing number of tourists. In 2019, the formerly isolated country experienced a 40.2 percent increase in visitors.

Read the five TFNG statements below, identify key words and predict answers then read the article about the growth in tourism. When you are ready, enter your answers into the test sheet.

  1. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, uncertainty over Brexit has resulted in a slowing of international tourism.

  2. Some people in Spain have expressed concerns about the number of tourists in their country.

  3. It is predicted that tourism in the US will increase in 2020.

  4. It was expected that Myanmar would be the fastest growing tourist destination in 2019.

  5. The British Government has warned its citizens not to visit Tunisia in 2020.


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