Nay Toe

Nay Toe is perhaps the most well known Myanmar actor and comedian, having appeared in numerous movies.

Read the list of headings and match them with the paragraphs in the article on Nay Toe below.

  • Note there are two extra headings.

i) Accomplishments and achievements

ii) Acting as a humanitarian

iii) Religious influences

iv) Early life

v) Being a model

vi) Making propaganda

vii) Vipassana mediation

viii) Becoming an actor

ix) Hobbies and interests

1. _________

Nay Toe was born in Taw Hthu Village in Manaung Township, Cheduba Island and is the second child of four siblings. His younger brother Min Thway is also an actor. Nay Toe graduated from Yangon University with a BSc in Mathematics.

2. _________

Nay Toe moved to Yangon in 1999, where he joined the YIIK modeling agency and took singing lessons. He gained some titles in modeling contests under the name Zin Min and in 2000, he released an album , but without any success. He starred in music videos and began exploring acting and in 2001, he starred in his first movie, 3 Weeks. Since 2007, Nay Toe has been acting with the Htawara Hninzi (Eternal Rose) Burmese cultural dance show, in which he is one of the supporting comedians.

3. _________

He has won a Myanmar Academy Award for Best Actor three times and in 2011, he won an Academy award for Best Leading Actor for his role in "Moe Nya Einmet Myu". His role in the movie was said to be intricate, as the character he portrayed was suffering from multiple personality disorder and displayed three different personalities throughout the story. He also won the Star Award for the film "Bridge of Clouds "in 2018.

4. _________

Nay Toe has been criticized for starring in the pro-regime film, Lotus at Dawn, especially by Burmese pro-democracy groups in exile. However, it has been reported that the actors were compelled to take part in the movie and threatened with being censored for at least one year if they refused. Nay Toe also acted in another film supportive of the political regime about the history of the Burmese Army called Kye Sin Mawgun (Epic of the Stars).

5. __________

Nay Toe's has raised funds for those affected by cyclones Nargis and Giri. He has also participated in various charity shows held in Myanmar and overseas. In January 2011, in place of holding a lavish party, he donated to several retirement homes and orphanages as a celebration of winning the Academy Award. For his 30th birthday, he sponsored a place of worship in the center of his hometown.

6. __________

Nay Toe has revealed his artistic ability and has been interestd in crafts since he was young, especially in painting and sculpture. He has won prizes for his drawings and sculptures since primary school. Other interests include reading, photography, music and travelling, while his favorite sport is swimming.

7. __________

Nay Toe is known for being a pious Theravada Buddhist and a practising mediator, believing that one's quality of life is determined by having knowledge of and practicing Vipassana meditation rather than materialistic possession. The religious section of his biography includes four chapters where he expresses his religious beliefs, and discusses Buddhist teachings that inspire him.

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