New Zealand Scholarship

Do you want to visit my home country for a few months? Well, maybe you can!

The New Zealand Government offers English language training for government officials (NZELTO) from Asia, including Myanmar.  Officials come to New Zealand for up to five months to improve their English and to build links with other participants and New Zealand.

Each course intake focuses on a theme or special topic. Examples of past themes are agriculture and trade, strengthening resilience, renewable energy, education, and good governance.

Two or three times a year, the New Zealand Embassy in Myanmar asks the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations to nominate civil servants from specific ministries to apply for the scholarships. The current intake included nominations from:

  • UAGO (Legal Advice Department and Legislation Department)

  • Ministry of Planning and Finance

  • Union Auditor General's Office

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

So, Myanmar civil servants can apply for this scholarship. Suitable applicants must

  • be between 25- 45 years of age

  • have an IELTS score between 4.5 and 5.5

  • have a technical job or policy job that relates to the current theme

Once you've been nominated, the application isn't too difficult. You need to provide written answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the learning outcomes you hope to achieve from the scholarship (you need to be quite detailed and specific in your answer)

  2. Briefly describe your work duties and responsibilities (you need to show how your duties relate to the THEME of the scholarship)

  3. How you use English in your work (e.g translation, writing etc)

Nominations for the current intake have just closed and interviews/tests will be conducted in March 2020. But, if you're interested, then leave a comment to find out about the next intake .


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