Noun or adjective?

For a lot of Myanmar students, using an incorrect part of speech (e.g. adjective, noun, adverb etc) in a sentence is a common problem. As your level of English develops, you need to become familiar and comfortable with using different parts of speech so that you can construct a range of complex sentences. For example, read the sentences below, that all use vocabulary of the word family 'influence'.

  • Celebrities have a lot of influence on young people. (noun)

  • Young people are easily influenced by celebrities. (verb)

  • Celebrities are very influential, especially on young people. (adjective)

If you can confidently use different parts of speech for word families, then you can construct a greater range of sentences, and this improves your English writing and speaking. Look at the ten adjectives below and decide on the noun for each adjective (e.g. confident / confidence).

  • confident

  • self-controlled

  • convenient

  • strong

  • flexible

  • independent

  • distracting

  • dramatic

  • important

  • committed

Now use either the noun or adjective form of the correct verb to complete the sentences below.

  1. Even though I was feeling quite angry, I remained ________ and did not show it.

  2. My sister has been practising her English a lot and she now has much more ______ when she is speaking.

  3. Working from home often means that people have more _______ working hours because they can start work when they want to.

  4. However, when working from home, young children can be a __________.

  5. To be a successful sportsperson, you need to have motivation and ________.

  6. I prefer to travel by car, as it is much more _________ because I can stop when I like and rest when I need to.

  7. It is often argued that men are more involved in physical work because they have greater _______ than women.

  8. I've noticed that a lot of Myanmar people love watching Korean ______ on television.

  9. One of the most ________ factors in job satisfaction is job security.

  10. In my culture, young people usually leave home and become _________ from their parents in their late teens.

Enter your answers in the sheet below:


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