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Ohura village

'Where are you from?' is often one of the first questions that someone will ask me. Especially over the last 13 years, as I have been living and moving within cultures different to my own. Even more so in the last 7 years, since I have been living in SE Asia, amongst people who can see that I am from somewhere else. So, for everybody who has asked, and for all those who may have asked in the future. This is where I am from.

Listen to the video and answer the question:

  • Where is Ohura?

1) Read the statements below and identify the keywords.

2) Listen to the video and identify the statements as True, False or Not Given.

  1. The store in Ohura sold a variety of products.

  2. Ohura was a relatively active village.

  3. The population of Ohura was very small.

  4. The speaker lived in the middle of Ohura village.

  5. The majority of the school children were indigenous people from New Zealand.

  6. The speaker feels he was disadvantaged growing up in a village.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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