one small step

Ma Ei Ei Thein has written a couple of great posts in the last month, one about not giving up and the other about desire, dreams and creating the future.

Watch this amazing video below to see how one very talented animator and film maker tells a story with the same messages about having a dream and how we can make them real if we never give up.

Did you like it?

I thought it was beautifully made, telling a powerful story about self-belief and sacrifice in a very simple and wonderfully animated way.


Your task is to write a summary of the plot of the the movie about Luna and her father. In your summary, try and include the following words:

dream (n) / desire (v) / fascinate (v) / imagination (n) / love (v) / give up (v) / succeed (v)

Please enter your details and writing in the writing sheet below.



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