Panbe (art of the blacksmith)

When I travel from Nayptitaw to Meikhtila, I know I am approaching Pyawbwe because there are a large number of stalls on each side of the road, all selling metalware items such as swords, adzes, pickaxes and machetes. Pyawbwe is a place of 'panbe'.

Panbe is the art of the blacksmith. A blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal in a hot furnace. The blacksmith then uses tools to bend and shape the metal into a useful object. The Myanmar panbe artisans typically make things such as ox cart axles, hammers, adze, pickaxes, knife, hatchets, machetes, digging hoes and mattocks.

Myanmar’s traditional blacksmith craft emerged in the early Bagan period (11th century A.D) and developed throughout

the Inwa and Yadanapon periods. The craft is respected throughout South East Asia, with the Inlay region being especially renowned for skilled blacksmiths.


Match the eight words in bold in the text, with the following meanings:

  1. famous

  2. a large knife with a wide blade, used for cutting trees and plants or as a weapon

  3. a person who creates objects from iron or steel

  4. an enclosed structure in which extreme heat is produced

  5. products made of metal

  6. appeared

  7. a worker who practices a traditional trade or handicraft

  8. creating (something, such as metal) by heating and hammering

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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