Phones deadly distraction

Undoubtedly, mobile phones and our easy access to the internet have transformed the way we interact with each other and with our environment. There are many advantages to this instant access to information and friends but there are also some distinct and sometimes deadly consequences.

For me, distraction is one of the most devastating effects of mobile phone use. As we use our phones more and more, we are increasingly distracted from the actual world around us. It is now so common to see people in public places with their heads buried in their phones.

This distraction from what is going on around us can have deadly consequences. Drowning (=dying in water) ranks among the 10 leading causes of death of children in every region of the world. In Myanmar, drowning is the leading cause of injury deaths in the country, with 1257 to 1511 deaths per year since 2005.

Read the article about the link between mobile phone use and drownings in Germany. Then enter your details below and fill in the summary completion.


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