Pretty on the inside

Human beings are attracted to beauty, as beauty is the quality that makes us pleased or happy. Physical beauty is obvious while mental beauty is less obvious, but it is however, invaluable (= of great value).

With the growth and development of the world, the methods and materials that can create physical beauty have become modernized. Cosmetic and plastic surgery are very popular among the worshippers of beauty. Beauty bloggers, beauty care products, beauty clinics and beauty hospitals are increasing in every country because the demand for goods and services for physical beauty is rising every year.

Today, many people prefer physical beauty to mental beauty. Physical beauty can become a thing that enhances self-confidence for people who worship beauty. Not only many women but also many men worship beauty and they can spend a lot of money on artificial physical beauty. However, physical beauty may spoil (= damage) for many reasons.

Please watch and listen to the song, “Pretty on the Inside” by Chloe Adams. This song suggests that we should not see and envy the image and prominence of other people. The image is not reality. Reality is on our inside, and the reality is love. We should try to remove bad things such as jealousy and anger, if these are on our inside. We should see what is on our inside such as love and kindness.

Loving ourselves and other people is the real beauty.

Read the eight English sayings, phrases and idioms about BEAUTY below. Think about what the phrases, sayings and idioms could mean:

  • beauty is skin deep

  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • beauty sleep

  • beauty contest

  • pretty as a picture

  • age before beauty

  • the beauty of it

  • not just a pretty face

When you are ready, match the phrases, sayings and idioms with their meanings in the test sheet below


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