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Private schools

In all developing and developed countries, the role of private schools is always contentious (= will cause disagreement or argument).

For some people, private schools are a good thing. They argue that the competition between schools for students (and their fees) means that the schools have to provide high quality education at affordable prices. Furthermore, because private schools receive fees, they have more money than public schools, so they can employ more highly skilled teachers and operate with lower teacher-student class ratios.

Critics (= people who express opinions against something) however often argue that private schools lead to a division in education between the rich and the poor. They believe that private schools create a two-tier (= two levels) system, so that children of wealthy parents receive better education than children from poorer families.

Private schools are now permitted in Myanmar. Read the article about the legislative changes that will introduce new rules and regulations for private schools in Myanmar and then answer the sentence completion questions.


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