Banking in Myanmar

Like nearly everything else in Myanmar, the banking sector is also going through significant changes. One of these changes is the liberalisation of restrictions on the involvement of foreign banks in the Myanmar financial market. Read about these changes in the Asia Business Law journal article and answer the Promotion Exam type questions below.

Write complete answers for the following questions.

  1. What will foreign banks with representative offices in Myanmar receive in the third phase of the banking sector liberalization?

  2. What kind of educational services will the licensees need to provide?

  3. What will a subsidiary licensee be permitted to do on 1 January 2021?

  4. When will an ATM be defined as an additional place of business?

Match the vocabulary used in the reading with a word of similar meaning

Write four sentences using the four words below:

secondary, manage, permit, stage

When you are ready, enter your answers into the sheet below

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