Rewriting sentences

Perhaps one of the most difficult question types in the Promotion examination is when you must rewrite sentences using a specific grammar form.

When completing these questions, always read the instructions carefully so that you understand the sentence form (and grammar) you are being asked to use.

One of the most common grammar forms you will need to use when rewriting sentences are perfect forms (e.g. present perfect simple, past perfect simple).

A) Rewrite the sentences using present perfect simple + yet, already or just

Example: 'I ate an apple two minutes ago' = 'I've just eaten an apple'

1) I finished my assignment last week.

2) I will do my homework later today.

3) I spoke to my friend a minute ago.

B) Rewrite the sentences using 'Before' + past perfect simple

Example: 'I go to visit my sister, then I watch a movie' = 'Before I watched a movie, I'd been to visit my sister'

4) My uncle tells me about his illness, then we finish lunch.

5) My friend leaves the tea-shop, then I arrive.

6) I become fluent in English, then I graduate from university.

C) Rewrite the sentence using past perfect simple + before

Example: 'Yesterday was the first time I visited Bagan' = 'I hadn't visited Bagan before'

7) Last week was the first time I drank alcohol.

D) Rewrite the sentences using past perfect simple + never + before

Example: 'Yesterday was the first time I visited Bagan' = 'I'd never visited Bagan before'

8) Two days ago I saw an elephant for the first time.

9) Last month, I was absent from class for the first time.

10) Yesterday, my mother forget my birthday for the first time.

When you're ready, write your answers in the sheet below.

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