Often it is the smallest things that cause you difficulty when you are trying to write a grammatically perfect sentence (as you will need to do in the Promotion exam). Usually one of the smallest words in a sentence is a preposition (in, by, with, to, for) and often you can get these wrong.

It is all about practice. By using the verb+preposition over and over again, your brain will come to associate the two together and then you will start getting them correct automatically (like 'listen to')

There is ONE INCORRECT preposition in each of the ten sentences. Correct the sentences using the CORRECT preposition.

  1. We need a new employee who is fluent with Chinese and English.

  2. It is critical that the successful applicant has experience to working with foreign investors.

  3. It is very important that the successful candidate is experienced for contract management.

  4. Large scale coal mining can cause problems by local communities.

  5. It is very important on this time that people wear face masks in public.

  6. Extroverts like to socialise to other people.

  7. Some people are finding it difficult to adjust with the new regulations.

  8. When applying for a new job, it is vital that you make an impression for the interviewing panel.

  9. When I am trying to work, I do not like to be distracted from loud noises.

  10. Many people travel for new places to experience different cultures and broaden their minds.

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