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In the Promotion Exam, this type of question may seem easy but the emphasis is on perfect grammar and good sentence construction. In these questions, you are given a number of words and instructed to create sentences.

Knowing your parts of speech can help you in writing your sentences. You can also memorise some phrases to use in your sentences.

For example: Make sentences with the following words:

serious, provide, debate, evidence, exercise, absent

Once again, being able to identify parts of speech is very important because this will influence how you use a word in your sentence. So, for the five words above:

serious (adj), provide (v) , debate (n) (v) , evidence (n), exercise (n) (v), absent (adj)

To make this type of question easier, you can memorise some clauses to use with different parts of speech. For example:

NOUN: ______ is/are an important part of .... or ______ plays an important role in .....

So "Evidence is an important part of legal process."

Or " Exercise is a significant part of physical health."

Or "Debates play an important role in studying English"

VERB: Plural subject will often ___________ when they are verb+ing ...................

So, "Applicants will often provide details when they are applying for a permit."

Or, "Lawyers will often debate ideas when they are prosecuting in court."

Or, "People will often exercise when they are wanting to get healthy"

ADJECTIVE: Plural subject are often ________ when they ....

So, "Judges are often serious when they make decisions in court"

Or, " Students are often absent when they are sick."

Make five sentences with the following words. Enter your answers into the sheet.

disappointed / effective / contract / announce / information

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