Try again and again

Please choose the suitable words from the following vocabulary and fill the gaps.

finally repeatedly meaningless become

self-confidence awareness recognize disabled

People enjoy success and we try to be successful in our long life. Success gives us happiness and encouragement in our life, and it can create 1_________________. On the other hand, people dislike failure. However, we cannot avoid failure. Everyone has success as well as failure in life.

Everyone has individual goals or aims in life. A goal is something that people intend and try to achieve, to become something or to reach a situation that we want at a specific time. Our individual goals may be different from others or may be same. The goal of students is passing exams. The goal of businessmen is building a successful business. Everyone should have an individual goal, since, if a person lives without a goal, his or her life is 2___________.

To achieve our goal, we will need to spend something. That may be time, money, energy, effort, diligence, etc. We may face many times of failure in life, but we do not need to give up our goal by only failing once. We do not need to become depressed or panic. We can try again and again to get or to 3___________________ something that we want.

Until two years ago, I had never tried even two times to get something because mostly, I used to get things by trying the first time. I rarely failed and if I did fail, I gave it up. In recent years, I come to know that if we try again and again, and if we do not give something up, we will 4_____________________ get it.

Examples of this are my friends, one of whom got the diploma account certificate after sitting an exam for seven times, and another friend took an exam for six times to become a certified public accountant. I see some people making a proposal 5__________________ to get what they want. This is a type of trying again and again. For myself, I passed the pre-intermediate level English exam at British Council after taking a test two times. This is the first and the best experience for me. This gives me 6_____________________ of the result of trying again and again.

Please watch the video clip, An Australian man, named Nick Vujicic, was born with the absence of arms and legs. Now, he has become an Australian Christian evangelist (a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith) and motivational speaker. He also has a happy family with a wife and four children. You can see how he tries again and again to move and to stand up himself. Most of us are not even a 7__________________ person, like Vujicic. We can do anything.

When a person gets a success, people will 8_______________________ it and sometimes, they will praise him or her. However, they may not know how much effort this person put into this success, how much time they spent on it and how many times they tried to get it. The important thing is a final result and how many times we tried is not really important because people always notice only a final result. Therefore, we should never give up and we must try again and again to achieve our goal.

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