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Robotics in Agriculture

Technology has always impacted on agriculture. The first tractor was invented in 1892 and since then tractors and farming machinery have become commonly used in agricultural production throughout the developed world.

Now, as technology becomes more advanced and with the development of AI, agriculture is once again being revolutionised.

Read the five statements below and predict whether they are True, False or Not Given. Once you have done that, watch the entertaining video below to check your predictions.

  1. Twenty years ago, robots did not exist.

  2. The Da Vinci Surgical system helps doctors to carry out heart surgery.

  3. Industrial robots now do many assembly line jobs that were hazardous.

  4. In farming, robotics in orchards can pick fruit twice as fast as a human on a ladder.

  5. Opponents of the use of robotics argue technology is replacing some farm workers.


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