Robots and AI

One of the growing trends in all areas for our lives is the use of robots and AI (artificial intelligence) to increase productivity, lessen costs and enhance performance. Robots using AI (which means they can learn and grow in intelligence) are very cost-effective as they do not make mistakes, need very little maintenance and can work without needing breaks for rest and recovery like humans.

In the next 10 - 20 years, it is thought that in many areas of work, such as banking, hospitality, medical care, and education, more and more jobs will be taken by robots and AI.

Read the FIVE questions below, identify the keywords and any synonyms you need and then watch the video and meet Sophia, an AI robot.

  1. What is Sophia's main function?

  2. Who are the robots designed to look like?

  3. What three areas is Sophia interested in?

  4. What does Sophia have in her eyes?

  5. What is Sophia considered not to be?

Once you are ready, enter your answers into the test sheet below


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