Salone: a dying culture

As globalisation marches across the world, it has an impact on all countries and all cultures. Traditional ways of living and working are often disrupted and destroyed as countries seek economic development and citizens begin to desire money, profit and consumerism.

One group of people who are suffering are the Salone people of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Most of the Salone live a nomadic lifestyle based on the sea, though this is increasingly under threat from modern property and immigration laws, maritime conservation and development programs.

The population of Myanmar’s Salone has dwindled dramatically in recent decades. This is a tragedy as the Salone people are different and unique, mostly because of their traditional relationships with the sea. It is a tragedy that their unique way of life and their customs are not being included in the move to globalisation.

Listen and watch the video (you will need to read the subtitles) and answer the question.

  • How many Salone people are there in the world today?

Watch the video again and answer the questions with NO MORE than TWO WORDS.

  1. What are the Salone people sometimes called?

  2. What are entrepreneurs constructing on Salone lands?

  3. What caused the Salone to take shelter on the island?

  4. What is causing serious problems for the Salone youth?

  5. Where does the Myanmar government want the Salone to live?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the form below.


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