SE Asia's future female leaders

On June 25 2020, Southeast Asia’s Women of the Future Awards celebrated women engaged in leadership roles across the region - including two Myanmar women. Although persistent inequalities remain, especially in access to leadership roles in business and government, women in Southeast Asia are finding ways to break through and make a difference.

Three of the award winners (L-R): Dr Bee Lynn Chew (Science, Technology & Digital), Chit Thu (Social Entrepreneur), Heidi Quah (Community Spirit & Public Service)

Read the article about the Women of the Future award winners, and

Match the seven people mentioned in the article with the seven features below

  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex

  • Khin Thida Hnin

  • Sotheavy At

  • Chit Thu

  • Anita Takounsy

  • Gigi Morris

  • Lucille Dejito


  1. works with people in the agricultural sector

  2. works in the travel industry

  3. set up a business in partnership with others

  4. works in the field of international development

  5. established her own company offering online services and solutions

  6. made reference to the global pandemic

  7. is focused on social justice

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