Fight on, Fighter

I've often seen Facebook posts where Myanmar people encourage others to be a 'fighter'. Encouraging their FB friends to keep going when things are difficult. This music video is the same, it is encouraging people to 'fight on' (= keep fighting and don't give up)

The singer wants to protect the person listening to the song ( they will 'take all the arrows) and also to help them with their problems ('carry all the weight'). In English we say that problems and difficulties are heavy - they are weighty. So, the singer wants to take the weight of the problems away from the other person.

But also, the singer knows that the other person is brave. In English, we say someone is 'full of fire' when they have lots of energy to fight. So, the singer says 'don't let anyone steal your fire'.

It is a Christian song, and Christians believe in the 'Spirit'. This is something that Christians believe enters inside them and gives them strength and determination, that is why the singer says 'the Spirit' is alive inside you'.

I think it is a very inspirational (= giving strength and hope) song and it is good that the singer believes the other person is brave and strong. In my opinion, all of us, if we are Christian, Buddhist or any other religion, or maybe no religion - we have the fire inside us.

We can all be brave and strong.

Listen to the song, read the lyrics and complete the vocabulary test below


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