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Sitting around

Scientists and doctors have, for some time, recognised that recent changes to our work environments and work habits are basically bad for our health. The main reason for this is that our working lives have become more sedentary (= tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive ). Many of us are no longer involved in physical work (e.g. harvesting, planting, hunting, digging, building) but are rather stuck behind desks most of the working day.

Added to this, is the more recent trend towards sedentary leisure activities, such as going online, searching social media such as Facebook, playing computer games and watching TV and movies. None of these activities require us to move out bodies.

All this sitting around is not good for our health! Watch the informative animated video and learn about the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

As you're watching, listen to see if you can complete the sentences below with ONE WORD from the video. The vocabulary may be challenging, but if you highlight keywords and listen more than once, I think you can succeed.

  1. Sitting for brief periods can help us recover or ____________

  2. Inside the human body there are over 360 ______________

  3. Our skin molds to our movement because it is ______________

  4. Commonly, we sit with a curved ______________

  5. When we sit in a hunched position our lungs cannot fully __________

  6. Restricted nerve signalling results in _____________

  7. When sitting for long period, our concentration levels will probably ____________

  8. Researchers have discovered that 9% of premature deaths are caused by __________

  9. Bodies are constructed for movement not for _____________

When you're ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below:


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