Snacking trends

One of the things I noticed very quickly when I arrived in Myanmar was that Myanmar people love to 'snack' (= (v) to eat a small meal between the main meals). Whenever I went on a trip with my students, they would come prepared with a range of snacks to eat “on the go” (= while travelling) and they would start to eat their snacks after only a short time into the journey.

With globalisation and Myanmar becoming more open to foreign investment, there have been changes in the types of snacks that Myanmar people are eating. It seems to me that Myanmar people are eating less traditional snacks and more snacks from foreign countries.

One of the most noticeable trends has been in the purchasing of frozen foods and snacks. Probably one of the reasons this trend has increased is the greater number of refrigerators in homes in Myanmar and that many people can now not only keep food for longer in the fridge, but can freeze food and keep it long term.

Read the questions below and identify the keywords, then read the article and decide if the statements are True (T), False (F) or Not Given (NG).

  1. When buying frozen food, consumers in Myanmar are increasingly thinking about how long foods can be stored.

  2. Increased demand for frozen food is widespread throughout Myanmar

  3. Obesity and lifestyle diseases are increasing in Myanmar

  4. Foreign owned global corporations in Myanmar mostly operate separately from local businesses.

  5. Food Empire has analysed local shopping trends to sell products targeting Myanmar consumers.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test below.


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