South Korea: Cyberbullying

South Korea and Myanmar have a strong relationship. In particular, it is South Korea, more than any other country which is having the most cultural influence on Myanmar's young people. Among Myanmar's young people there is a rapidly growing fascination with everything South Korean, especially Korean fashion, Korean music and Korean entertainment and this is definitely changing Myanmar culture.

It is very common to see South Korean celebrities worshiped on Myanmar Facebook pages, young Myanmar men adopting fashionable Korean hairstyles, and it seem as if everyone is watching Korean dramas and TV series.

It is important however that when we choose to imitate or copy something or someone that we are aware of the full picture ( = complete information). For many years now, South Korea has had one of the world's highest suicide rates, especially among young people. Furthermore, the South Korean government has been struggling to control the promotion of hidden spycam pornography (= the secret videoing, photographing and publishing online of women) and cyberbullying in the internet.

Cyber = relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (such as the Internet)

To bully = to treat (someone) in a cruel, insulting, threatening, or aggressive fashion

Cyberbullying is being cruel to someone on the internet. Writing things that are hurtful and causing them to be upset, or posting pictures that embarrass or shame them.

So, definitely, listen to K-pop, watch Korean movies, dress and style yourself of Korean celebrities but also find out about some of the dark and dangerous and sad things that are happening in Korean culture as well.

Watch and listen to the video below about cyberbullying and then answer the seven gapfill questions in the test below.


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