Sports idioms

Once you get to an Intermediate level in your English language study, you need to start learning, practising and using idioms. You need to do this because once you start conversing with a native speaker, they will use a lot of idioms.

Idioms are phrases or expressions that use words figuratively or metaphorically. This means you can not understand the phrase by knowing the vocabulary - you must understand the meaning of the phrase.

So let's learn some idioms that use sports vocabulary. Once you've finished choose one or two of the idioms and keep using them in your speaking.

Use the words below to complete the idioms (you may need a dictionary to help you)

ball (x2) / eye / field / game / goalposts / gun / shot

  1. a level playing ______

  2. jump the ______

  3. a whole new ball ______

  4. move/shift the _________

  5. start/get the _____ rolling

  6. be on the _____

  7. take your _____ off the ball

  8. a long ______

Now, match the eight idioms, with their meanings below

a) a completely new or different situation

b) able to think or react very quickly

c) to begin something too soon

d) a fair situation / people have equal opportunity

e) change the rules of a situation and making it more difficult to succeed

f) begin a process or activity

h) a very small chance of success

i) be distracted and not concentrating on what is important

Enter your answers into the sheet below:



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