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TASK 1: Write your Profile

Today is Monday 2nd December 2019.

My first official day of holiday and the first day that my current students at UAGO are without English classes. Normally, for the students in the Intensive class, they would spend two hours speaking, writing, listening and reading English. Today, probably ....nothing. No English.

That's not good for those of you who want to keep improving your English. English is something you MUST USE or you will LOSE your skills, so every day of the week (Monday to Friday) I am going to give you a task to make sure you are USING English. Today is TASK 1 and it is a writing task.

Your task for today is to write you profile here at jayzuubar. You must add a picture of yourself and write a short (150 - 200 words) description of you. If you're not sure what to do then check out Ei Ei Thein's profile or see my profile below.

If you have any trouble with finding or editing your profile, then click on the CHAT button at the bottom right of the screen and leave me a message and I will try and help.

Remember: USE IT OR LOSE IT - you must keep using your English language or your skills will decrease.

I'm looking forward to reading your profiles!


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