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TASK 2: Leave me a CHAT message

Well done Nay Nwe Thant, Linn Linn San and Thin Moe on completing TASK 1 and Ei Ei Thein of course, who had already completed her profile (note the use of past perfect because EET completed her profile before NNT and TM).

TEPNH... half points. Its a lovely profile pic but I don't see 150 words anywhere?

It's been good to read your profiles and to know a little bit more about what you want (e.g. get a scholarship, lifelong learning, online courses, IELTS 6 etc). I will try my hardest to help you achieve your goals over the next year or so.

Now it is time for TASK 2, which should only take you a few minutes. TASK 2 is to help you improve your use of authentic, informal English. The type of English we use when speaking or chatting.

Web chatting (e.g. messenger, Viber) is a fantastic way to build your understanding and improve your use of informal English. I am hoping that in the future we will have a dedicated jayzuubar chat site, where you can chat with each other and me regularly and improve your authentic English.

Anyway, TASK 2 is simple - just leave me a chat message. To do this;

  1. click on the small blue circle icon in the bottom right of the screen (looks similar to the big blue icon above)

  2. Select 'new chat'

  3. Enter 'simon' into the search bar

  4. Find me & click on my picture

  5. Write me an interesting message

See, very easy :)


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