TASK 3: An ethical dilemma; what do you do?

You are selected as Head Judge in a new business competition. The winning business idea will get a grant of $10,000. You have co-judges, but you are the boss. The other judges will follow you.

Your best friend Su Su is planning to start an amazing company. It’s an innovative idea which could significantly help reduce the environmental damage in the forests of Myanmar.

“I could use the money,” she says.

“So, join the contest,” you say. “But I cannot let our friendship interfere with my final decision.”

“I understand of course,” she says.

“I’m excited to see your presentation,” you reply.


Presentation day comes. The hours are 10am–6pm.

The rules are clear. All presenters must arrive at 9am to register their time slots. Then they wait around to present.

Su Su doesn’t show. You worry. You explained the rules to her clearly.

At 5pm, she has not arrived. You try and call her. You’ve been leaving texts all day, but no answer.

At 5:55pm, she arrives. Your co-judges are all still there, but they are packing up to go home.

Su Su’s name isn’t on the list.

She looks dejected and tired.

You feel the same.

You haven’t seen a good presentation all day. None of the other presenters had ideas that deserve the amount of money you’re granting. You know Su Su’s idea would easily have been the best and that she would use the money to do something incredible and life-changing which would benefit Myanmar.

But she didn’t follow the rules.

Your co-judges are watching you, wondering what you’re about to say…

What do you do? Give a reason for your choice.


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