TASK 4: More stuff I like

This site is a new experience for me, as it is for you.

I'm learning as well, as I've never built a website before and I've never run an online English course before, so, I know, sometimes I'll be successful and sometimes I'll make mistakes - that's how we learn and improve.

So, TASK 4, is for you to give me some feedback. You've had an opportunity now to look around the site, read some blogs, listen to some podcasts or short videos, leave comments and answers, and use the chat feature. Thin Moe has even written a IELTS Part 1 writing (top student - great work ).

What I would like you to do for TASK 4 is to leave a comment below telling me what you like and what you want. For example; ''I would like more listenings such as the 'Introverts' listening because for me .......................................'

You need to be HONEST because I will read your comments and then try and get materials and make activities that you tell me you would like. Hopefully, by doing this, you will be more interested in the topics and activities on here, and then you will be using your English skills more.

Looking forward to your feedback.


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