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TASK 5: Post a pic

I'm off to Dawei today so I figure (informal = I feel / I believe) you all deserve an easy task for the end of the week.

Post a favourite personal picture of yours in the comments section and explain why it is one of your favourites. It doesn't have to be a picture of you, it can be a picture of anything; a tree, a house, a group of people, you, your mum, but it must be a picture you have taken or that was taken with you present.

I'll start. I've got loads of favourite pics.

I took this picture of three young monks in a monastry in Hwe, in Vietnam in 2013. The monk of the right was incredibly handsome and looked quite noble with his shaved head. He and his friends had been tasked with cleaning the monastry grounds, and I spent an hour or so watching and chatting with them.

I really like the composition of this picture, with the young handsome monk in the foreground on the right, not looking at the camera, but he has his attention focussed on something off-camera. In the background two other monks work, equally focussed on what they are doing.

Your turn...


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