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The Cup

In 2017, I got a job as a volunteer English teacher for some monks living in a monastery in upper India. It was an amazing place, a home and a college for about 500 Buddhist monks of all ages. One of the first things I learnt after I arrived at the monastery was that the lama (= head teacher of the dhamma in Tibetan Buddhism) of the monastery was Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche also known as Khyentse Norbu.

Khyentse Norbu is not only a Tibetan/Bhutanese lama but also the director of a movie, called 'The Cup'. I had seen and enjoyed this movie many years early. Furthermore the monastery and the town in which I was living were used as the set in the filming of the movie.

This is a GRAMMAR activity based on a summary of the movie. This is not a listening activity. So please:

1. Complete the test and enter your answers in the test sheet.

2. Then watch and listen to the video to check your answers.

Complete the gaps in the transcript with articles (a, an, the or no article)

Far from the influence of (1)____ outside world, (2) ____ young monk is doing his best to fulfil his destiny. But nothing will keep him from his one true love, (3) ____ soccer. Now, to see (4)____ World Cup, he and his friends will journey where no monks have gone before. Into town. But getting caught has put their dream in jeopardy. Now, with just one day until (5)____ championship match and (6)____ time running out, they’re going to need a little forgiveness, a little money and a little divine intervention, to bring (7)______ancient tradition and (8)______ modern technology together and take television where it’s never been seen before.

Written and directed by Khyentse Norbu.

The Cup is (9)___ film of such unassuming wit, charm and wisdom it is positively inspirational.

Fine Line Features proudly presents (10)____ unforgettable story of (11)____ determined young boy and his quest to bring the World Cup soccer to (12)____world’s most unlikely fans.

The Cup

Enter your answers in the sheet below.

Now watch and listen to the video to check your answers.


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