A dream is a strong desire

Everyone will have a dream in life. A dream is something that comes from our imagination or idea. If there is a strong desire either in our conscious or in our unconscious mind, this desire is changed to a dream. Some dreams become reality, but some do not. After becoming a reality, a dream is ended, then, we will have another dream. Our dream represents our strong desire and it is a medium between our desire and reality.

Everyone should have a dream in any age and everyone must have it because only if there is a dream, there is a reality and our life will be improved. If there is not a desire, there is not a dream, and nothing becomes a reality. We need be mindful that we have a duty to implement our dream and we need to change it into reality.

Some people prefer practice to dreaming but practice comes from a desire or a dream. In my life, I have had many dreams since I was very young, and I have been dreaming until now. I am really a dreamer. First, I imagine what I want or what I want to be. Then, it becomes my dream. After that, I try to combine a dream with a reality, in other words, I find a way to implement my dream. By this way, I implemented my dreams one by one. If there were no dreams in my life, I would be a peasant in my small native village or something else. I would not know even how to speak English.

Please watch and listen to one of my favourite songs, named “I have a dream”. There are many singers of this song. In this video, it is sung by Westlife, a famous Irish pop vocal group. It is a melodious song with encouraging and positive lyrics.

We need to have a dream and try for it to be a reality in our life. We need to strongly believe that some good things will become truth. Ask yourself “what’s my dream?”. Believe and try to make it true. Our strong desire will make our dreams realistic.

Please match the seven words in bold from my article above, with their correct meaning.

pop / conscious / desire / imagination / melodious / lyrics / reality

(1) pleasant sounding

(2) the part of the mind that creates things

(3) abbreviation for popular

(4) the state of things as they actually exist

(5) awake and aware

(6) something we want to happen or something we want to be

(7) the words of a song

When you are confident you have the correct matches, please enter your answers on the test form below


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