The secret to happiness

Maybe you thought it was money, love and relationships, or food, but experts are saying that the key to happiness is something entirely different. It's something that anyone can have at any time. It's simple and it's vital. It's gratitude.

'Gratitude' (n) = being thankful.

'Grateful' (adj) = to be thankful

So, every day, I am grateful for my students because I enjoy their company and they work so hard and they are always happy and cheerful. I have gratitude for my life in a country as beaufiful and peaceful as Myanmar. I have gratitude for my mother and father, who taught me so well and so patiently.

Being grateful is the secret to being happy.

If you want to practise you reading, then read the article about gratitude and complete the summary below with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the reading.

Being grateful and focussing on what we have in our lives not only improves our emotions but also our 1__________. Recent studies have shown that there are many benefits from 2_______ practice of gratitude. A great thing about practising gratitude is that it doesn't take much 3_________. One of the first things we can do is 4________ and noticing all the wonderful things in our lives. We also can practice with others and spend a short time, at the end of 5______ sharing things we are grateful for. Being generous is also important and this does not just mean giving 6_______ but we can give things such as our time or our attention.

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