Time management

When people ask me about the IELTS exam, one of the first things that I talk about is 'time management'. Some students think the exam is only about using English well, but it is also very much about using your time well.

In the IELTS listening and reading tests, in particular, it is crucial (= very essential) that you use your time very wisely and effectively.

In the Listening test, you get 30 seconds before each set of questions to prepare for the listening. You MUST MANAGE THIS TIME. This is the most important 30 seconds in the test. During this 30 seconds, you need to:

  1. Identify the keywords in each question

  2. Think and note down any synonyms for the keywords

  3. Try and predict the answers (e.g time, number, place, person etc)

CLICK HERE or on the orange button to find 10 questions relating to time management in general. Use your reading strategies:

  1. Read the questions

  2. Identify the keywords

  3. Predict possible/likely answers

Now, read the article giving tips for effective time-management and enter your answers to the test.



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