Understanding urbanisation

Human beings, all over the world are choosing to live in cities. This is the process of urbanisation = the movement of a significant proportion of the population into an urban environment.

And, really, this is crazy, because we all know that cities become crowded, congested and polluted. Furthermore, the pace of life is faster in the cities and the level of mental input (= going into something), especially auditory (sound) and visual (sight) is overwhelming (e.g. street sounds and street signs, billboards, announcements, traffic, shop signs, construction noise). This urban life leaves many people stressed and feeling run-down.

So why are we, as humans doing it? Well, before we answer that question, watch and listen to the video and find out a little but more about urbanisation. This is quite a difficult listening but it contains some valuable information and good language. Watch and listen as many times as you need.

  1. Read the questions below and identify the keywords to help you keep track while you are listening.

  2. Predict any answers and think of synonyms.

  3. Now, watch and listen to the video again and complete the IELTS style questions below

Complete Questions 1-4 with ONE WORD or a NUMBER from the video

The Future of cities

(5) Global population is expected to rise and peak at:

  1. 7 billion

  2. 10 billion

  3. 20 billion

(6) Food production may change to farming

  1. on skyscapers and rooftops

  2. using alternative agricultural methods

  3. in multiple rural areas

Enter your answers in the sheet below


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