Whenever God shines his light

This is a great song by one of my favourite singer / songwriters called Van Morrison. Here, Van is singing with a friend (Cliff Richard) about the Christian faith. The song's lyrics express Christians' complete trust in and love of God. For Christians, God is their saviour, and they can reach out to God at any time and be filled with love and wellbeing.

This is an incredibly uplifting song, especially for Christians, because it affirms that if they are ever feeling sad or lost (the darkest night) God will comfort them. If they are confused, or lonely, then they just need to reach out to God and they will be healed.

Read the lyrics below, then listen to the video to fill the ten gaps.

Whenever God, shines his light on me Opens up my eyes, so I can see When I look up, in the 1___________night I know everything's going to be alright

In deep 2____________________, in great despair When I reach out for him he is there

When I am lonely as I can be And I know that God shines his 3______________on me

Reach out for him, he'll be there With him your 4____________________, you can share

If you live, the life you love You get the blessing from above

He heals the 5__________________ and heals the lame Says you can do it too, in Jesus name

He'll lift you up and turns you around And puts your feet back on 6_________________ ground

Reach out for him, he'll be there With him your troubles, you can 7_______________

You can use his higher power Every 8______________________ and any hour.

He heals the sick and heals the lame He says you can heal them too in Jesus name.

He lifts you up and turns you around Puts your feet back on higher ground.

When he 9__________________ his light Whenever God shines his light on you

On you

He is the way

He is the 10__________________

He is the light. (Put your feet back on higher ground)

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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