Working from home in Myanmar

Well, it's happening all over the world, so it was always going to happen in Myanmar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WFH or 'working from home' has become a global phenomena. However, working from home in Myanmar may have some specific difficulties.

Read the article about WFH in Myanmar and answer the five questions.

This is another Promotion Examination preparation exercise so you need to answer the questions USING COMPLETE SENTENCES. Remember to use correct grammar and sentence construction.

  1. What three factors, according to Ma Khin Nu Yin Myint, cause employees to be different?

  2. Stock in which company increased dramatically in early April?

  3. What happened when Professor Robert Kelly was interviewed in 2017?

  4. What are the two measures are important when assessing working from home or in the office?

  5. Why did Ooredoo Myanmar adopt a policy of using video conferencing and instant messaging on March 18?

Enter you answers into the sheet below

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