Yangon's most famous Amusement Park#1

Yangon's most famous amusement park is closed. On Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other social media sites you can find people talking and posting pictures about the abandoned amusement park close to the zoo in Yangon.

Many foreigners, particularly from European and Western countries have a fascination with places that have been closed and abandoned. Some of the interest may be about the way in which nature (e.g. grass, jungle, trees) always starts to grow back and reclaim what humans have built.

I think, there is something beautiful in the way in which the colourful, well engineered amusement rides are slowly being overtaken with the trees and jungle.

I discovered this podcast about the Yangon amusement park. It is quite a long listening (21 minutes) but you can slow down the speed of the audio.

Also, because the listening is long, I have created three listening activities based on different parts of the podcast.

This first listening activity is for the first 5.15 minutes. You can check how many minutes have gone on the bar at the top of the podcast.

So, listen to the podcast about the abandoned park,

When your're ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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